The project is organized by AIESEC, an international student organization. The idea of the project is that the students in high schools should receive useful and helpful information about the EU. The agenda included several issues such as general information about the EU (history, values, laws, policies), benefits, rights and obligations of every EU citizen and changes that will be brought about to Romania after the accession. In addition, the students are informed both about the opportunities that they have as young people and what it really means to be a citizen of the EU. More specifically, there is a group of 8 students – citizens of EU – participating in the project. They give voluntarily trainings in 12 cities in Romania. In Brasov there are 5 high schools involved in the EU Citizenship project. One of them is Mesota high school. Alexandra Efraimidou from Greece and Agnieszka Zablocka from Poland are the trainers. The meetings took place every day for a week (14 – 18.11.2005). The trainings follow an alternative way of teaching, trying to make the discussions as more interactive as possible. The students fully corresponded to the idea, were very interested in the project and really lived up to all expectations. It was attempted that the meetings had a form of discussion and exchange of opinions. So the children were encouraged to participate by working in groups or playing constructive games. We, as trainers, tried to do our best to transmit our knowledge. We thank Mesota high school for its hospitality and especially the kids who were very openminded and full of ideas.
We are proud of them!